The beauty of the trips is that there’s a wide range of skiers and boarders on the trip – means you are not stuck skiing with the same people all day and having to talk to them all night over dinner! There’s a good variety – some people you may not see all day if they are in lessons.

Beginners. Our trips are suitable for people of any age wishing to learn to ski. The French ski school ESF is extremely good value – a total beginner with no experience on snow can get 15 hours of lessons and a lift pass for 246€

Improvers. Keen to progress from blues onto reds? Worried about keeping up with a faster group? For improvers who are looking for a holiday, this is a great option as you can head out to ski with several others of around the same level from the chalet. Often this is a good time to get top up or refresher intermittent lessons – BASS do a Mon/Wed/Friday 9 hour course which can be ideal for skiers and boarders of this level.

Intermediate or “get out and ski” level is the most common type of guest. Have progressed beyond lessons, can do most types of slopes but a little phased by conditions (slush/ice) or bumps and off-piste. You will find many companions at this level – both skiers and boarders

Advanced. Keen to explore off piste, wants to do Swiss Wall and blacks regularly. There’s always at least a couple at this level too – as well as plenty intermediates you can “corrupt” into following you down crazy pistes/off piste.