Pretty much the most common question, but hardest to answer since each group is different and we won’t know till everyone is booked on! So far though, most groups are comprised of ages ranging from 30 to 50 with a few on either side.

We don’t set an age limit as it’s been our experience that a 28 year old can be in bed by 10pm and not much of a drinker and the 50 year old can be up till 2am drinking vodka and chatting with the other guests. Age is not a determinate factor on their ability to let their hair down and it would be unfair to assume otherwise.

We don’t, however attract the “party” crowd who want to drink till 4am every night then try to ski the next day. In our chalets, plenty of wine and banter is enjoyed over dinner – some stay up to continue the merriment, others head for bed so they can make the most of the skiing the next day. On chalet night off we get everyone out in town for dinner and there’s usually plenty drinks enjoyed during and afterwards – perhaps at the Cavern watching an excellent live band or in the Tibetan enjoying some classic rock. There’s also DJ and garage/D&B nights in Le Tremplin and Cafe Chaud if that’s your kind of scene.

So don’t worry about fitting in – age is never an issue here, it’s more about getting to know people, being open minded and willing to exchange banter and debate with the other guests. If you want a party holiday – this isn’t the choice for you. If you want a sleepy, quiet holiday you can have this – nice dinner then bed, just bearing in mind not all the guests may have that mindset.